Customized Courses

Corporate Training Programme

Customized (Onsite) Training
Recognizing the need for flexibility and adopting to client requirements, Netwas  offers   customised (tailored) courses. These courses are offered to organizations that needs to tailor the course to suit the specific programme.
All our scheduled courses may be tailored to suit your specific corporate needs.

The Customized Training progamme offers an excellent opportunity to build synergy and team work in and among the client staff. These courses are offered for durations that range between 1 to 2 weeks, on the client premises/working place. They cut down on costs significantly practical Information.

Course Methodology

The course uses participatory learning techniques. The sessions are dynamic and include short introductory presentations, discussions, group work, case studies and practical exercise. Participants will visit community based projects for practical field experience. NETWAS Documentation Center that has a variety of current and relevant publications, access to the internet and a conducive reading environment will be used extensively. NETWAS International staff together with their associates, with extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation activities will guide the participants throughout the course. Relevant publications will be provided to each participant as well as a CD containing all presentations.