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Network for water and Sanitation Tanzania Limited (Netwas Tanzania) was established in Tanzania as a Company limited by guarantee not having any share capital. Netwas Tanzania is an autonomous organization affiliated to Netwas International, a member of ITN Africa Network. ITN is actively involved in capacity building in the water and sanitation sector in Africa. Netwas Tanzania is located at University Road, ESAURP Building, First floor in the City of Dar es Salaam.
The Vision
Netwas is guided by a ‘Shared Vision’. The Shared Vision addresses the key area of capacity building supporting the development of a sustainable and healthy environment for the peoples of Africa.
Shared Vision
To be a resource center of excellence for capacity building in water and sanitation, water resources and environmentally sound and sustainable development and management in Tanzania and Africa.
Netwas Mission Statement reflects the aspirations of its staff, Membership and clients in the new millennium. Netwas Tanzania Mission Statement comprises of four underlying principles:

  • Its commitment to sector development in Africa.
  • The quality of the products and services provided.
  • The nature of the organization, and the mode/methodology of provision of products and services

Mission Statement
Netwas  is committed to improving the living conditions of the people in Africa particularly the poor, through networking, information dissemination, training, applied research and community development in water and sanitation, using innovative, participatory and gender sensitive approaches.
Netwas is a learning and training organization, whose diverse range of expertise in social, health, engineering, management and information fields is blend together for professional service delivery, in collaboration with regional and international sector institutions.

Netwas Tanzania specializes in offering a range of services in the Water and Environmental Sanitation sector, which aims at enhancing sustainable services. These include:

  • Training.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Networking and information dissemination.
  • Applied research
  • Advisory services.

In training, Netwas Tanzania offers scheduled and tailor made courses. The scheduled courses include:

  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Solid Waste Management in Urban Centres
  • Entrepreneurial Management in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Community Management and Involvement in Water & Sanitation.
  • Water and Sanitation Project Management and Sustainability.
  • Gender and Income generation in water and Sanitation.
  • Water and Sanitation in disaster situations

The same courses can be tailored to respond to the needs of the client.
In consultancy services, Netwas Tanzania is registered by Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania as Local Engineering Consulting Firm in Civil, Water and Sanitation sectors. The company offers consultancy services specialized in Project/Programme Appraisal, Feasibility Studies, Detail Design and Preparation of Tender Documents, Construction Supervision, Evaluation and Project/Programme Management.

Management of the Company
Netwas Tanzania is steered by a Council comprising of five people who reports to the members of Netwas Tanzania. The Director of Netwas Tanzania, who is also a Secretary of the council is Eng. Griphin Symphorian, is entrusted to manage the company on a day to day basis.

Contact Address:
Network for Water and Sanitation (Netwas Tanzania)

University Road
ESAURP Building, First Floor
P.O. Box 54068,
Tel: +255(0)22-2771614
Fax: +255(0)22 2771614
Mobile: +255 -(0) 7744-282859

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