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Narok-School WASH Projects

Netwas International has undertaken notable School WASH Projects one of them being the Narok School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Campaign project, which was undertaken in-conjunction with key partners in WASH and government line-ministries.

The project commenced in September of 2009 and came to completion on January 2011. It focused in promoting good hygiene practices through: construction of ventilated-improved pit (VIPs) latrines with hand washing facilities, boy-girl-child friendly and disability friendly pit latrines, installation of rainwater harvesting facilities, training in hand washing using soap campaigns, training school hygiene promoters and over all WASH education.


The project was carried out in two Phases. The first phase involved 5 schools in South Narok and 4 in North Narok District with the most-needy schools given the first priorities. In the second phase 2 schools were selected in South-Narok and 4 in the North-Narok Districts. After completion, these projects had remarkable-achievement. About 7000 school going children were able to access clean harvested rain water, improved sanitation facilities and improved sanitation behavioral changes. 30 school teachers, 14 school committee members and 14 school-health-club leaders were also trained in hygiene promotion for effective sustainability and monitoring of the projects.


These projects also have an impact of encouraging school attendance by girl-child due to enhanced sanitation privacy hence overall good school performance and reduction of diarrhoea diseases among school going children. Due to vastness of the two districts, semi-arid climatic conditions and overall poor sanitation coverage these figures represent only 6% and 7% coverage in Narok South and Narok North District respectively which is below MDG goals, hence more still need to be done.



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