NTS012: Scaling Up Community Management for Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation

NTS 004 WASH in emergencies: Risk Reduction
March 10, 2019
NTS 018 : Gender:Mainstreaming and Mapping Vulnerabilities in Water and Sanitation using Participatory Methodologies.
March 10, 2019

11th – 22nd November  2019

Cost US $1,480


Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

About the course

 Knowing the right way forward is one thing, but achieving the rate of progress needed to meet the MDG targets is another, these calls for ways of addressing the need to provide on-going support to the many existing water and sanitation systems.

There is great need to   replicate success and concentrate on “scaling up” the community-management model to bring concurrent successes to many community managed programs.

Communities need to be empowered to take over the operation, maintenance and management of Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation projects and to work in partnership with governments and other partners.

Course Objectives

  1. To build capacities within the communities and agents working with them to ensure proper management and sustainability of water and sanitation facilities/ programs.
  2. To addresses key issues in scaling up community management including how to move from micro to macro at regional level, replicating the “best practice” and linking water for people with water for livelihoods.
  3. To help participants in identifying challenges of scaling up and promote a practical approach in tackling them.
  4.  To help participants to appreciate the benefits of scaling up community management programs approach.


Target audience

Staff who plan and manage community-based water supply and environmental sanitation projects/Programmes, Staff working in development Programmes Leaders, Trainers of community based organizations, Donor Agencies, NGOs and Government agencies undertaking sanitation marketing,  Tutors and Lecturers from sector training institutions and Programmed Managers of funding agencies

The sponsoring agency understands that the course fee amounts to:
Tuition: US$ 1,480 (2 weeks); US$950 (1 week); US$650 (3 Days)|
Accommodation: US$ 780 (2 weeks); US$380(1 week); US$165 (3 days)|
Medical Insurance: This is optional for a fee of US$ 350, However, they will be asked to submit either their insurance policy or a letter from the sponsor indicating the responsibility held by the sponsor for any medical costs.

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