NTS006: Strategic Business Planning and Management

About the Course

The modern organizations, whether large or small, for profit or not for profit, public or private, governmental or non-governmental are operating in an increasingly changing environment. Due to this dynamism in the organizational environment, it has become a challenge for the 21st century manager to ensure the sustainability of their organizations, which have seen over 60% of new organizations and businesses wound up within the first two years. Challenges faced include but are not limited to; shifts in customer’s tastes and preferences, stiff competition, emergence of new technologies, government regulations and the effects of globalization. Organizations with well thought out and articulate business plans will be able to attract financing from development partners or financial institutions and other stakeholders. The essence of Strategic Business Planning and Management course is to equip managers and business leaders of organizations with skills necessary for environmental analysis, strategy formulation and preparation of strategic business plans. The course also aims at providing the participants with tools for strategic management towards their desired goals and objectives for sustainability.
The course also aims at equipping participants with necessary skills to be able to articulate and manage their organization. Participants will also be taken through the process of formulating business plans, budgets and management of the implementation process to achieve the desired goals and objectives.


Who can benefit from this course?

Business leaders and managers; planning managers; heads of departments; development partners; NGOs and government agencies; entrepreneurs, and private sector players.

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