NTS013: Business Skills in Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management

About the Course

In most informal urban settlements in developing countries, managing the solid waste generated is a nightmare. Heaps of rotting garbage, which harbor animals such as rats, and clogged storm water drainage are common. On the other hand, communities living in the informal urban settlements who procure their water from water vendors pay up to ten times more for water compared to those in the formal settlements. This course looks at innovative ways of solid waste management and safe water supply in the informal urban settlements for income generation for the youth and other community-based organization (CBOs). The module provides business skills on solid waste management, technology options involved, contracts management and development of small-scale projects opportunities for economic and business activities in the solid waste sub sector. The module also looks at how disposal of human excreta can be commercialized to attract private partnerships for sustainable investments.
The course also reviews the challenges faced by micro/small and medium enterprises (M/SMEs) in solid waste management and water supply in the informal urban settlements and ways of creating an enabling environment. Site exposure visits for practical learning is covered to give first hand practical experiences.


Who can benefit from this course?

This course is designed for senior and middle level managers from water and sanitation utilities and local/municipal authorities and water service providers. It also covers private investors in the safe water vending, solid waste management and public latrines management.

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