NTS016: Community-Led Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Interventions in the Informal Urban Settlements: An Innovative and Practical Youth Empowerment Approach

About the Course

The main thrust of the course is to enable participants to appreciate the capacity of the community and the youth in managing water, sanitation and hygiene interventions at the community level, and the contribution of community management to sustainability.
The module provides community management skills on empowering the community to manage their own WASH interventions with minimal external support for sustainability beyond the project period. The module looks at the key drivers and enablers to community management and looks at various case studies of community managed water supply, sanitation and hygiene interventions.
The module also aims to impart knowledge, skills and attitudes towards capacity development of communities to design, implement and manage sustainably their own WASH interventions.
The course also recognizes that the communities have inbuilt coping mechanisms, that enable them to live even in very adverse environment, and that to address their challenges in management of WASH interventions, this is a key building block. Site exposure visits for practical learning is covered to give first hand practical experiences.


Who can benefit from this course?

Development workers who plan and manage community-based water supply and environmental sanitation and hygiene projects/programs, development workers, programs leaders, managers and trainers of community based organizations, development partners and UN Agencies, NGOs and Government agencies. Tutors and Lecturers from sector training institutions and Programmed Managers of funding agencies.

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