Background of Netwas International

Netwas International was established in 1986 through a UNDP/World Bank program known as the International Training Network for Water and Waste Management (ITN). ITN was set up as part of a global initiative to support the International Drinking Water and Sanitation Decade (IDWSSD), which commenced in 1981 and ended in 1990. This program sought to establish centres of excellence in water and sanitation in developing countries. During its formative years, Netwas also received both financial and technical support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to meet the challenges and gaps of the water decade.

ITN is currently constituted of nine global centres, four of which are located in Africa. These are Network for Water and Sanitation International (Netwas International – 1986) located in Nairobi, Kenya with autonomous country offices in Kampala (Netwas Uganda – 1986) and Dar es Salaam (Netwas Tanzania – 1986), catering for the Eastern African countries; Center Regional Pour L’eau Potable Et L’assainissement A Faible Cout (CREPA – 1987) in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, caters for the Francophone countries of West Africa; Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD – 1989) located in Harare, Zimbabwe; and Training Network Center (TREND – 1989) located in Kumasi, Ghana.

The ITN has evolved from its original technology-orientation to a network, which now emphasizes capacity building aspects in the sector. Today, ITN contributes effectively towards sector policy reviews, formulation and development.

Netwas countries of concentration are Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan, Sudan. However, Netwas is occasionally able to respond to needs expressed by sector institutions in other African countries such as Namibia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Burundi.

In 1995, Netwas International was registered as an independent and not-for profit (NFP) organisation in Kenya. Since its registration, Netwas has operated with a considerable measure of success as a unique NFP organization in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), which has endeavoured to put into place non-traditional mechanisms for generating own income to ensure its sustainability. Its operations stretch all over Africa although focussed towards the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Netwas has assisted to develop two national affiliates in Uganda (Netwas Uganda) and Tanzania (Netwas Tanzania) in a strategic effort to bring the services closer to the clients at national and grass root levels. Netwas is also a founder member of STREAMS whose secretariat is based in the Philippines.

The Netwas organization structure is made up of three main organs: the Membership (that constitutes the Annual General Meeting), the Board of Directors (that oversees the operations on behalf of the membership and also receive, hold and administer funds and property), and the Management (headed by the Executive Director who is charged with the day to day operations, management and administration).

Our Vision

To be the leading Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Resource Centre in Africa Offering World Class Services.

Our Mission

To offer water, environmental sanitation and hygiene services using innovative, efficient and effective approaches that exceed customer expectations

Our Purpose

To enhance the sector capacity in the provision of water, sanitation, hygiene and environmental services in order to provide effective and sustainable services towards the alleviation of poverty and raising the living standards of the peoples of Africa especially the low income population.

Key Areas of Expertise

Netwas works through a core team composed of Water Engineers, WASH Specialists, Public Health Specialists, Sociologists, Community Health, economists, Monitoring and Evaluation specialists, strategic management specialists, civil engineers, Irrigation and drainage engineers, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geo-technical engineers, project managers, governance specialists, nutrition specialists, gender mainstreaming experts, climate change specialists, education and curriculum development specialists, information technology experts, data management and analysis experts, training and capacity development experts, environmental impact assessment specialists and waste water management specialists. Besides, Netwas retains a large team of Associate Consultants in all these areas and other non-core areas such as financial management, municipal water supply and sewerage experts, land surveyors,

Membership in Professional Organizations

Netwas is a member of a number of professional organizations both nationally and internationally. Some of the major ones are listed below:

Partner Organizations and Clients

Netwas has well established links with partner organizations that collaborate with us in the development and facilitation of training courses, research, consultancy and other services. This has ensured that Netwas maintains high quality standards in the provision of products and services to the sector. Netwas has also had the privilege of offering its quality services and partnership with various clientele since 1986. Some of the key organizations are listed below:

In addition to these we have also partnered and served numerous Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organisations both locally and at the international level.

Netwas Affiliates Offices in East Africa

Netwas has got two national affiliates in Uganda (Netwas Uganda ) and Tanzania (Netwas Tanzania) in a strategic effort to bring the services closer to the clients at national and grass root levels. Both offices have a standing working relationship with Netwas International that allows for partnership in technical support in the whole region of East and Southern Africa.    

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