Capacity Building and Training Services

Netwas offers numerous scheduled training courses annually in line with the sector demand. The courses are conducted only by highly professional trainers with many years of experience. Because we research and prepare our own training materials, our courses can be easily and swiftly customised to meet the specific needs of any client. In this regard, Netwas also offers customer- tailored courses at locations convenient to the client, which may include the clients’ office premises or areas of operations. The key areas of focus in our courses are strategic management, water demand management; non-revenue water – NRW; (sometimes referred to as unaccounted for water –UFW); customer care in water utility companies; gender, hygiene, environmental health, sanitation, community management, monitoring and evaluation; management of meter reading and billing systems; solid waste management; and integrated water resources management.


Collaboration with partner institutions such as IRC, WSP-ESA, SKAT and SANDEC in the development and offering of the courses has enabled Netwas to maintain high quality standards. Approximately 250 participants from Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia attend Netwas Scheduled or Tailored courses every year. 


Netwas has developed appropriate courses for water utilities and water service providers in line with the on-going water sector reforms, and key issues identified in this sub-sector through a survey of all the water utilities in Africa. A list of scheduled courses is available in a separate booklet and on our website,

Upcoming Courses