Network for Water and Sanitation (NETWAS) Tanzania Ltd is a firm of Consulting Engineers,
Managers and Planners providing Consultancy Services in the area of Water Resources, Water
Supply, Sanitation, Building Services, Community Development, Project Management, Civil
Engineering, Roads and Highway Engineering, Sewerage Solid Waste, Environmental
Management and Institutional Development.
NETWAS Tanzania Ltd is registered with the Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania, Reg.
No. 088. The firm has the qualifications and resources to direct and coordinate
projects/assignments through all stages of works/activities and respond effectively and efficiently
to the Clients’ needs.
The Scope of the firm’s services ranges from the initial master planning, feasibility studies,
through preliminary and detail design to tendering/contracting and construction supervision and
management including asset management, own source revenue, operation and management.
Since its formation in 1999, NETWAS Tanzania Limited has successfully carried out
Consultancy assignments for the Government Ministries, NGO’s, Bilateral and Multilateral aided
Programmes. The assignment undertaken include, project studies, design reviews, detailed
designs, tender documents, construction supervisions, performance management support,
performance review and evaluations
NETWAS Tanzania Ltd is proud of its high-quality services, staffs’ professionalism and the
ability to respond to the needs of the Client. The Firm has developed strict quality assurance
procedures, and it is the obligation and responsibility of each and every member of the staff
together with the top management to ensure that the standard procedures are adhered to.

Mission Statement of the Company

The overall mission statement of NETWAS Tanzania Ltd is commitment to improving the living
conditions of the people through networking, information dissemination, training, applied
research, Community/Urban development by providing consultancy services in water supply,
waste water, sanitation, environmental engineering, civil, Roads and Highway, and structural
engineering using innovative and intellectual services to achieve sound, economic and timely
realization of infrastructure projects and the enhancement of the service mechanism.
As an independent consulting company, NETWAS Tanzania Ltd is committed to attain the best
possible solutions for the Clients via multi-disciplinary process, based on the solid engineering
know-how combined with expertise in science, finance, social and management.


As a consulting engineering firm, NETWAS has the technical knowledge base to cost effectively
plan, design, develop, supervise and put into operation any water, sanitation, civil, roads,
transportation, storm water and solid waste infrastructure facilities for the best environmental
protection. The firm’s multi-disciplinary approach results in the most appropriate and economic
solutions for each project when considered over both the short and long-term.

Human Capital

NETWAS Tanzania Ltd has at its disposal a multi-disciplinary team of more than forty (40)
professional staffs consisting of Civil Engineers, Road/Highways Engineers, Structural
Engineers, Water Engineers, Sanitation Engineers, Architects, Commercial Experts, Economists,
Financial Management Experts, Business Experts, Sociologists, Geotechnical Engineers,

Hydrologists, Hydro geologists, Environmentalists and experts in Rural Development,
Institutional Development and Gender issues. It also enrols short-term inputs from professionals
in specialized fields on a case-by-case basis.
Our strong and committed leadership as well as organisation culture and values propel our staff
to remain motivated and passionate and to work in harmony to take on complex assignments and
new challenges and ensure Client satisfaction
NETWAS (T) Limited is organized in a multi-layered structure of closely cooperating specialists
and departments. As a result, the firm is in a position to satisfy all the requirements of complex
planning projects. Each project is planned and organized by a team of experts of various
Experienced project team map out the ideal path for each assignment, creating custom-made
solutions always pursuing one single goal: to deliver to the Client the highest quality service.
A project leader is responsible for overall management of the project. A project leader
coordinates all activities and regularly controls the implementation of the project. In addition, a
member of the senior staff is closely involved with the project at the beginning and thereafter at
critical phases of the project.

Our Services

  • Transportation/Road and Bridges
  • Environmental Management
  • Water, Sanitation, and Waste Management
  • Project Management and Capacity Building

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